Today's Gospel: Matthew 28:1-10

Today we start Holy Saturday in darkness.  Our Lord has been crucified and we await His Resurrection.  The Easter Vigil Mass demonstrates this with such beauty.

If you have never been to an Easter Vigil, I highly recommend it.  The church starts off in darkness.  We are still left in sin and death.  Then the Easter fire is lit outside and then the Easter candle is blessed and lit by the priest.  Each parishioner holds a simple candle.  Everyone processes inside and stands in their pews awaiting the Easter candle.  As it is processed in, each person on the end of the pews lights their candle, and then passes the fire down.  The darkness becomes illuminated by hundreds of candles.

The Mass begins with multiple readings from the Old Testament.  We are transported through salvation history.  But, then, the Exultet.  The lights come on. It is Easter! It is glorious!  The tomb is now open.  We have been saved from our sin and death.  It is my favorite Liturgy.

In Matthew’s Gospel for Holy Saturday, we hear that the women were waiting at the tomb.  They were heartbroken and in mourning. Then an angel appears and tells them that Jesus has Risen.  They are scared, but overjoyed.  They do not fully understand what has taken place, but they run to tell the others.  On the way they meet the Risen Lord.

The women rejoice and do him rightful homage.  He then tells them not to be afraid and to tell the others.  Something that is so far out of human understanding has occurred.  Jesus reassures these women and convicts them to carry on sharing the joyful news that is His Resurrection.

He is also telling us not to be afraid.  He wants us to share the Good News.  He wants us to have the courage in a hostile culture, such as ours, to shout from the mountain tops that He is Risen.  He wants all gathered to Him.  You and I are supposed to bring others to Him.

Today is a day that begins in great pain and grief, but ends in extreme joy.  On this Holy Saturday, let us proclaim the goodness that has come to us at Easter.  Let us have the courage to share Him with all we meet.  Let us remember what Easter truly is about:  Jesus Christ rising from the dead, so that we may be his brothers and sisters in Heaven.  Have a very blessed Easter season!


Do I joyfully proclaim the Good News?  How can I truly celebrate the Resurrection with my family?


Lord, thank you for dying and rising for me.  Help me to have the courage to proclaim the joy of Easter to all.

Copyright 2014 Constance Hull