Florida 2014 Trip 399I cried the morning we left Florida. Not just because I would no longer hear the waves lull me to sleep at night or watch the sunrise every morning. I cried because I found so much peace on that beach. I did not work, worry, stress out, do bills, clean bathrooms or do other chores. I sat on the beach and watched my children be children. I relaxed holding my husband’s hand and reading a book. I played in the pool with my children and ran in the morning with my husband. I was simply a mom and a wife and nothing more. I cried because I was able to appreciate and savor every moment at a slow and relaxed pace.

love my life and coming home is not horrible, it is just fast paced, calendar filled, hectic with work, sports, school, cleaning and everything else. I would not trade it for anything except sitting on that beach again with my family. Moments like these are precious and unforgettable.

Find some time each week to be that person. God rested on the seventh day. We are suppose to keep the Sabbath Holy but it is the day we get our laundry done, balance the checkbook, finish last minute homework and plan for the week ahead. I am as guilty as anybody else of these things. We as busy moms need to find one hour a day to just be a mom; to sit and read a book with our children, to tuck them in at night and pray together, to take a walk next to them while they ride their bike, to hang out as a family together. I know how difficult it is in our lives. One day our children will be grown and have children of their own. They will do what they have been raised to do by us. Make it a priority to take the time, even if it is only a little time, each day to just be a mom and love your children in that precious and unforgettable moment.

Copyright 2014 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp