Today's Gospel: John 15:9-17

Today in the Gospel we see that the way we relate to each other and to God is through love.  To show our love for God, we keep His commands and that brings us joy.  We have joy in that we are free of the stress that sin brings.  Jesus calls us to remain in this spot.  Obedience leads to a stress free life.

The Gospel also tells us that if we love one another, Jesus calls us His friends.  Merriam-Webster describes a friend as “someone you like being with, someone who helps and supports you, someone you have affection for, someone who favors and promotes you.”  Can you believe that Jesus just offered to be those things for you?  And all you have to do is love.

Jesus makes it clear that this is not a Master/Servant relationship.  We are not required to accept His friendship.  But what happens if we do?  He tells us He “gives us every bit of the Father.”  That means we can speak to God as a friend would.  He says that He chose you.  Think about that.  He chooses you to be His friend.

You might be thinking, this friendship sounds too good to be true.  What’s the catch?  The Gospel tells us two things are required.  Firstly, that we love Him back and love each other as selflessly as He does.  And secondly, that we bear fruit.  This means that we put our love in action.  But with this, He gives us a promise.  If we live a life of love that bears much fruit, He will make it meaningful and it will last.  What earthly friend can give you the same?

Jesus is offering to be your BFF.  In fact, He gave His life to gain your friendship.  The only thing He asks is that you love.  When you do all things with love, He takes care of the rest.


Today ask yourself:

  • What does Jesus’ offer of friendship mean to me?
  • What kind of friend am I to Jesus?  To others?
  • What fruit as my love born?


Lord, thank you for your offer of friendship.  Help me to accept it readily.  Teach me to be a better friend to others by showing Your love to them.  Amen.

Copyright 2014 Ellen Toole