angel-death1Both in this life and in the next, all men and women are called to the same end: God himself.

But the human  person  needs to live in society. Society is a requirement of his nature. Still, we are only a breath away from leaving it. Only a breath away from our own death.

Death is something we all must face, but sometimes we live as if we’ll never face it. We take a journey on the road called, ME.

We intentionally hurt others. We lie when we should tell the truth. We cheat in school, in business, in marriage, when we should remain faithful. We use others to our own means. We stick needles in our arms. We swallow pills, the propaganda of sexual freedom, and the taking of innocent human lives. We pay no attention to what our conscience is telling us, and instead, go on to do what we know is wrong. Then we blame others for the grief that comes from our own lack of responsibility.

At the time of our death, do we want to be caught in situations such as those?

Not so long ago, people used to talk about ‘a good death,’ an honorable death, one preceded by repentance. That is all well and good if you have time to do it. But often death doesn’t give us that luxury. Our last breath can be sudden.

The truth is that knowing we will die ought to affect how we live. And for many, it does.

Am I one of them?

Copyright 2014 Kaye Hinckley