So many of us say that we believe in God, heaven and faith but when our beliefs are tested we are not so sure anymore.

I read the book Heaven is For Real a few years ago. Today, I took my children to see the movie. It amazed me how much the church folk doubted that the child was able to visit heaven. The father believed his son but with doubts. Yet, the father was a minister, he gave his life to God to be an instrument for God’s will and he doubted.

Heaven is for Real

It’s easy to believe in God and heaven when everything is good and there is nothing contraversal to rock our faith. Why is it so difficult to believe that others have seen God, heard his voice or visited heaven while still on earth? Why are we so guarded with our faith when it is in our face?

Is it because we are jealous that God didn’t choose to give us these revelations? Is it because the thought of God and heaven is so distant from our everyday lives?

God moves through our lives moment by moment and we mindlessly walk right by Him without acknowledging His presence. God is here, in this moment, with us at all times and if God chooses to reveal heaven or a part of His glory to one of us why shouldn’t we believe?

Many of those with the greatest faiths ever have doubted: Mother Theresa, Peter, and countless others. But if you hold on, pray, reflect, and pray some more you will come out on the other side and your faith will be stronger for it. Never forget that Faith makes no logical sense. Faith is blind trust.

I for one believe that heaven is for real! Do you?

Copyright 2014, Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp