AnnunciationBy now you have probably guessed that I believe any situation can be improved through the guidance of the Rosary.  The Rosary is based on Scripture.  When we take the Scripture and reflect on it through the Rosary it can open our hearts and minds, revealing to us the message God wishes to share with us.

I strongly believe by applying the messages of God’s Word to our lives we can improve any situation.  What I have realized is that although my situation may not have changed, reflecting on the Scripture through the Rosary has changed my perspective.  Often you’ll (or at least I have) find perspective is everything.  One’s perspective on a situation can make or break you.  I learned this lesson over time…one day when I was really frustrated over a situation it suddenly dawned on me that I kept doing the same thing over and over, yet I expected different results.  I needed a new take on the way I was handling things.  Once I changed my perspective and what I was doing, I got different results.

Contemplating life and its situations through the Mysteries of the Rosary can help change ones perspective.  A change in perspective truly makes a difference.  I have to tell you although the situation did not necessarily changed, by changing my perspective, the entire situation was viewed in a different light.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I know there are situations that are difficult and even seem impossible but I believe that by taking the Scripture that is shared in the Rosary and the fruits of the mysteries of the Rosary, we can make a difference in our viewpoint and attitude.  We can turn things around and find hope.

This revelation came to me as I prayed the Rosary and reflected on the Scripture.  The Rosary has guided me to become a better person, closer to the kind of person God has intended me to be.  It has illustrated how I am to treat others and behave.  It has opened my heart and mind to receive the Holy Spirit and to be guided by the Holy Spirit.  I am not saying that if you say the Rosary all your problems are going to disappear. I believe through prayer and reflection your spirit can be uplifted and when your spirit is uplifted and your view changed, you will see things in a different light.

One might ask how is this possible.  Let us take a look at the First Joyful Mystery: The Annunciation.  In the Annunciation the Angel Gabriel comes to let Mary know that God has chosen her to bear His Son.  This mystery teaches us about humility.  Just about every situation improves with a little humility.  When I look at a situation or a person through the eyes of humility, all of the sudden I am brought back down to earth and reality.  Each of us face trials and tribulations, just as each of us are given many blessings throughout our lives.  It can be easy to judge or to only see the trials and feel that we are the only one experiencing hardships.  The truth is, there is not a single person on earth who does not experience the trials life brings us.  Humility allows us to see this and changes not only our perspective but in our thoughts and attitudes.

When I reflect on the Fruit of the Mystery of Humility I realize some times I put myself above others, I judge them and I may not treat them as I should.  Reflecting and praying about humility I realized I am equal to all people, no better or no less.  Humility allows me to look into the eyes of one in need and offer my love.  Humility keeps things in perspective.  I know everything I have and everything I have done in this life is because God has blessed me…me, an unworthy sinner.   Humility helps me give of myself and helps me to help those in need.  With this change of perspective I am able to value my blessings and share them with others.  I am able to remind myself that I too am a sinner and I do not deserve God’s love and forgiveness but He offers it to me and He offers it to you.

I ask that you take a few minutes to truly pray and reflect on the gifts the Rosary offers us.  There is so much knowledge offered to us through the Scripture.  The Rosary is a wonderful catalyst to help us along on this journey.  When we ponder the gifts we are offered, our perspective will change and when we change our perspective life seems a little easier, each day a bit brighter and our hope is renewed.

Copyright 2014 Lorrie Lane Dyer