Beef Tallow Body Balm?

Yep, just like they used to do it.

dont put anythign on your body

There’s something neat about picturing a farm wife 100 years ago rendering her beef fat, or “suet”, into tallow, and when it was cool, rubbing some onto her skin.  We all know this was a common practice because it was inexpensive and they knew that it’s good for us!  (Here’s how to render fat if you want to try it.)

The company, vintage TRADITION, make their products with 100% grass fed beef tallow, so we’re absorbing those nutrients through our skin, just as we would if we were eating foods fried in this healthy fat!  (Have you seen my post, Deep Fried Heaven?)  They also use olive oil and essential oils, more ingredients us real foodies love.  :)

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