guess who proverbs game

This game will teach students to watch carefully in life, so as to be wise and not fooled!


Students will have to compete as a whole to try and confuse a student serving as “guesser” as much as possible.

Introduction :

Jesus said in Matthew 10:16 that we should be innocent as doves, but also as wise as serpents! A lot of wisdom comes from being extra observant. Let’s see how observant volunteers can be… about who’s leading whom in our game.


1. Have children sit in a circle.

2. Select one child and have them leave the room.

3. When that child has gone, select a second child to be the leader.

4. The leader will start a movement (EX: clapping, snapping, arm circles, etc.) and the rest of the group will follow. Let them practice a couple times.

5. Call the first child back into the room.

6. That child will have to stand in the center of the circle and try to guess who the leader is.

7. The leader will have to change the group movement every ten to fifteen seconds or so.

8. The rest of the group will follow whatever movement the leader does.

9. If the Guesser makes an incorrect guess, the person whom they guessed will say “Tricked You!”.

10. The game is over when the child guesses correctly.

11. Repeat with new leaders and guessers as many times as you like.


We had to put out our powers of observation not to be fooled, didn’t we? Someday we will work with people who are well intentioned and good Christians. We will also work with people who are not so honest and would like to take advantage of us. Keep your eyes wide open! Proverbs 1:5 says, “let the wise observe and increase in learning!”

Copyright 2014 Mary Kate Warner