Does your family use electric or manual toothbrushes?  Can the type of toothbrush you use actually help to prevent gum disease?  What’s with the occasional hormonal halitosis?

Is Your Toothbrush Causing Gum Disease?

Not long ago we got electric toothbrushes (battery operated actually) for all six of us, for two reasons:

  1. Like most kids, ours aren’t the best brushers, so I figured this would be a good way to boost their efforts.
  2. I’m always hoping to whiten my teeth and just can’t bring myself to use those nasty bleach kits, so I hoped that the stronger action of an electric brush would help.

Then I read that electric toothbrushes, and manual brushes with the wrong type of bristles, could be causingmore harm than good if you’re not brushing right, and that it could be damaging to your gums, which opens yourself up to gum disease!

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