Today's Gospel: Matthew 18:21-19:1

In today’s Gospel we learn very clearly how many times we must forgive those who wrong us.  We learn rather quickly that we are to forgive without limit, over and over again.  Jesus teaches us this lesson through today’s story of the servant in debt.  His debt was immense.  There was no way he could ever repay it.  Yet, when he begged for mercy, the King forgave his debt completely and gave him his freedom.  This is meant to make us think of ourselves and how much God has forgiven us, even from our worst sin.

The servant after being forgiven, turns around and goes after another who owes him money.  We do that too.  We get angry with people for less than we ourselves have done to God.  The servant denies the other his mercy.

The story ends by telling us the King withdrew his mercy and the servant was sent to jail.  If we deny mercy to others, the very mercy God grants us, we will suffer the same.  On earth, our punishment will be our own hardened hearts.  However, our punishment will also be eternal as God will withdraw His mercy from us.  That is a thought that sends chills up my spine.


How generous has God been with me in His mercy?

Who am I denying my forgiveness?  Why?


Jesus, thank you so much for your mercy in my life and for covering all my sins.  Teach me to do the same for others. May your mercy flow through me to others.  Amen.

Copyright 2014 Ellen Toole