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Conversations With My 2-Year-Old

*Warning – there are 3 seasons of this VERY entertaining YouTube series -- SO unless you have some time to whittle away DO NOT open this link to Episode 1.   I would be remiss to take credit for discovering this hysterical look at the mind of a toddler – that belongs completely to my newsfeed’s obsession with all things Sarah Reinhard!


Catholic Playlist Radio

In February, I discovered Catholic Playlist a weekly radio show and Podcast and couldn’t wait to share it with the Catholicmom.com readers (see my Feb. 7, 2014 TechTalk).  Now I am even more excited to announce that Catholic Playlist can be streamed 24/7 on Tunein.com.  One of the between music sets announcements called it, “K-Love for Catholic music”, it made me giggle.  Host Jeff Compton plays a fantastic variety of Catholic artists, who sadly do not get equal play time on contemporary Christian radio.



I am obsessed with cooking but hate to cook. I know that makes absolutely no sense.  I love watching Food Network, and am rather fond of eating but as for spending time in the kitchen preparing my meals or ‘snackage’, not really my thing.  So why then would I be spending so much time on Jeff Young’s CatholicFoodie.com site?  Simple, he is fun, faithful, and knowledgeable.  His gift for bringing the Catholic faith to life through his recipes and stories, makes it so much more than a cooking site.  I’ve even convinced him to give me some recipes to test out and sometime in the near future stop by his CatholicFoodie podcast to share my adventures … on the menu Sautéed Dandelion Greens!



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