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It's hard for me to imagine that it's been a year since I first heard about the app Words With Jesus, created by our contributor Allison Gingras and the team at Little iApps. Allison herself has how she feels about the launch of the app:

Now here we are a year later - and the Words with Jesus App is finally completed and ready for a full launch.  It can be very scary and also incredibly exciting -- at the same time -- to let loose something you have created from your heart.  It is like placing your Kindergartner on the bus or sending your firstborn off to college.  You are proud and excited for others to discover all the wonderful things you know about that child, but worry that not everyone will see them in the light of charity that you do.

I've had the blessing of meeting my online friend and evangelization co-worker Allison in person. I can share that she is both amazingly faith-filled and full of energy and humor. Some may look at an endeavor like Words with Jesus and assume that she has a large staff supporting her work. In truth, she is simply one wife and mom who is both a dynamic communicator and someone who is very convicted about sharing her faith.

Now it's time for us to support Allison and the Words with Jesus project. As she recently shared, there are four ways for us to help.

Words with JesusWhat is needed now??  

  1. Always your prayers!
  2. Download the App  -  it is a less than dollar donation to aiding this Evangelization Mission.
  3. Share the App  - do you know anyone who could use to hear the Word of God but struggles to know where to begin? 
  4. Help promote the GoFundMe campaign - so that Words with Jesus eBook and the Words with Mary App can become a reality, and more people can discover how much God ADORES them!!! 

With the publication of this post, I'm sharing that I've personally done numbers one through four on this list because I both love the app and believe in the apostolate of Allison Gingras. Today, I invite you to join me. Please consider answering Allison's call for support.

I can guarantee you'll be blessed by responding and helping.

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