Today's Gospel: Luke 4:38-44

In this Gospel, Jesus cures Simon Peter’s mother-in-law of her high fever and immediately she gets up and serves all those gathered at her home. Jesus also cures other people that day and exorcises many of them, commanding the demons to not speak of Him. Before moving on to another town, He once again goes off to a lonely place where He can be alone with God.

The first thought that struck me about this passage is how immediate was the cure of the mother-in-law. Anyone who has ever experienced an illness with a high fever knows that recovery can take time and our energy levels will be sagging for a while. But that is not the case when we allow Jesus to heal us of everything that prevents us from serving Him through serving others. When Jesus heals us through constant prayer, Holy Mass, the Holy Eucharist, and the Sacrament of Confession, our transformation is immediate and all we want to do is get up and serve.

Jesus has had a busy day but before moving on to the next town, He finds time for quiet prayer. We need to follow His example of seeking out quiet times and lonely places, even if they are only in our hearts, so that we can spend time with God.


We all need to be cured of our high fevers of sinfulness. Jesus, our Divine Physician, is waiting to heal and transform us.


Jesus, please heal me from my sinfulness and show me how I may serve You. In the midst of my life of service, constantly lead me to quiet places in my heart where I can be with You in prayer.

Copyright 2014 Terry McDermott