1) Yeah, I’m one of those.  I actually believe that there is such a thing as spiritual warfare. When I look at what is happening in Iraq – I wonder – does anyone still have any doubt?  In my world, I fight wars with prayer. Many people see prayers as nothing more than empty words.  After all, words can’t stop evil.  Or can they? I am humbled by the words of such people as Mother kolbeTeresa, Gandhi, Maximilian Kolbe, Abraham Lincoln, and a host of other notables who faced and conquered great evil. Their words reflected their hearts which directed their lives. The fruit of their lives fed millions.

2) So back to this spiritual warfare thing. What is it?  Well, spiritual warfare involves the forces opposing the grace of God and it comes in a variety of forms. It comes down to despair vs hope. The ultimate battle is over souls and the battlefield is in living-rooms and bedrooms, in the corners of our minds, and in the media. The question is – who is pushing us toward despair and who draws us toward hope? It’s best to pick our friends carefully in this battle.

3) So we are in our second week of home schooling, and as I am helping one son getisisready for college, I am also teaching basic prayers to my little ones.  As I review the Our Father and Grace Before Meals, I think to myself, once again, words direct our day. Words lift us up toward a vision that is just barely on the edge of our sight, a vision of love, peace and gratitude. But at lunch we discuss current events and in an amazingly short period of time our conversation has changed from PG to Adult Only.  I can only tremble at the power of the words which directed the men in Iraq to slaughter innocent men, women, and children.  Could they not hear anything else?  Not even the cries of the innocent? Who do they pray to? Spiritual warfare involves prayers but not always to the same God.

heaven and hell4) For those who wonder why God stood by and did nothing, I have to ask: Did God do nothing?  He did not save the innocent from the terror of death.  But death is not the end. Not for the innocent. Not for the terrorists.

5) So it is late August and after an absolutely beautiful summer – now the heat arrives in full force and I am psychologically unfit to handle it. I was ready for this in July – not now. I must confess, I recently joked with a friend that since it was so late in the season summer had lost its power – we’d just slide into a mild autumn.  What a fool!  Words at work again… Who was I taunting? Apparently someone who can’t handle a little joke.

missionaries in early Briton6) For some odd reason I am being pursued by early British history. Explain that?  Well, I recently finished a historical novel set in 5th century Briton. And it just happens that my eldest daughter picked British history as one of her high school areas of study and I have been making up the tests – which means I have to study the texts pretty carefully. Another child’s history text is also covering the same era. So it all adds up. There’s really no paranoia here. I am being pursued.  But there was an interesting story I came across that I’ll tell you about next…

7) This is really paraphrased so forgive me, but the story goes that when the Christian missionaries first approached the barbarian raiders they weren’t terribly impressed with Christ’s suffering on the cross.  They admired strength. I guess, dying on a cross didn’t hit them as a particularly manly way to go. But as the missionaries were trying to convince one particular king, there was this other guy who simply said, something to the effect, “When a sparrow flies in the window from the darkness into the great hall where there is light from the fires and then flies out again through another window, we don’t know where it came from or where it goes. Life is like that sparrow. And if these men can tell us a little more about where we came from and where we are going – it might be worth listening to them.” People encountering spiritual warfare dare to ask – where am I coming from and where am I going?

Our Father, who art in Heaven…lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil…

Copyright 2014 Ann Frailey