Today's Gospel: Luke 6:27­-38

I wonder when Jesus said these words, what all He was thinking. As God, He loves His listeners then and now. As humans under the influence of sin, we often do not return the love God shows us. Perhaps He is saying: “Follow me....I love you even when you don't love me back."

It’s easy to love those who love us back. But Jesus tells us we won’t get much credit for that. Jesus’ main purpose for becoming Incarnate was to show us the unique and perfect love He has for us personally, and to give us a model of how we can then give His love to others. His love for us is without conditions, total, always faithful, and always leads to life.

As our relationship with Jesus deepens, we become more secure in the knowledge of His love for us­­, no matter what. The natural response to this intoxicating wine of love is to pour it out upon others. We begin to understand real love as He does. We can even love those who do not love us.

And strangely enough, we begin to realize that this is what most fulfills us. Instead of following our natural inclinations to return evil for evil, Jesus gives us the strength to pray for and love those who do not love us. Love becomes especially joy-­filled when we are not loved in return precisely because we are following Jesus.


Do I dare to open to my heart to God's radical love for me?  Do I trust that love enough to love those who hate me?


Lord, grant me the wisdom to love as You love. Show me how to love others as You have loved me­­, no matter what.

Copyright 2014 Cynthia Ann Costello