Today's Gospel: Luke 7: 11 -17

Our Gospel today is one of the super-miracles: a man is dead, the funeral is underway, and our Lord halts the procession and raises the man to life. His mother was desperate – this was her only son, a grown man, her support in old age, her last hope. After this, destitution. When she is at the nothing point, our Lord steps in and restores to her what she needs.

We can count on our Lord for mini-resurrections, moments when we too are at the nothing point, moments when we must utterly depend on God to save us. This Gospel is not just a symbol or an analogy. This is an account of the real power of God. Of what God will actually do for us. God isn’t a mindset. He isn’t a silver lining, a happy thought, a new outlook. He is the Author of Life, the Creator of Everything Out of Nothing. And He is a Person who wants us to know him intimately, live with Him intimately. Not in a metaphorical life, but in our lives now and in an eternal life that is also real.

That’s the Jesus of this Gospel. Not merely a reminder of some vague hope, but the real God become Man, infinitely powerful, and ready to use that power to save us.


Do you find it easy to trust God? To believe in the promise of eternal life? Are you prone to doubts, dryness, indifference? Is it time to seek out a good priest who can help you rebuild your relationship with God one moment of trust at a time?


Lord I believe, help my unbelief! Jesus, when I have a hard time trusting You, please put in my life reminders of your power, of all that You have done for me and all that You have promised. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Jennifer Fitz