Today's Gospel: Luke 7:36-50

How much she loved Jesus!

Perhaps she had seen him preaching on the mount when He told the crowd that the poor in spirit were blessed. We don't know, but we know she was drawn to this vibrant preacher like a magnet. His words shone a bright spotlight on her soul and she saw the reality of her life for the first time. She knew she was poor. She longed to be blessed.

She must have been listening for word of him. He must have been on her mind. She heard He was near and saw Him enter a house near her own. She burst into the house uninvited, paying no mind to others in the room whispering about her. Sinner. Prostitute. She ignored their murmurs and their stares. She saw only Jesus.

She was singleminded; love for Jesus filled her heart. She saw Jesus and she cried copious tears. Her intentions pure, she lavished her love upon Him, covering His feet with kisses, washing them with her tears, and drying them with her hair.

His eyes met hers and in that moment she knew she was blessed. Her unbridled love for the Son of Man, her faith, saved her that day.


How can I show my love for Jesus? Whom can I lavish my love upon?


I love you Lord but sometimes my love is reserved. How I wish I could see you face to face but I cannot. Until I can Oh Lord, send me those people that You wish me to love face to face just as the woman in the Gospel loved You. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Susan Bailey