Today's Gospel: Luke 8:1-3

In today’s reading, Luke takes a break in the narrative to describe Jesus’ followers and traveling companions. Of course the twelve apostles traveled with him, but Luke tells us that many others traveled with him as well. Luke makes a point to tell us that many in the group were women, many of whom had been cured by Jesus. The women not only traveled with Jesus and his disciples, but supported them as well.

There a couple of things that I take away from this passage. The first is that women played an important role in the formation of the church. Jesus in his earthly ministry, invited women to participate fully in his kingdom.

It is also worth noting that Jesus used the gifts of people from all levels of society. His ministry included women who had no stake in Jewish society at that time. Unmarried women and widows, for example, were welcomed. It must of taken courage to become one of Jesus’ followers and to associate with both observant Jews and outcasts. Then and now, following Jesus might mean subjecting ourselves to criticism from others.


In what ways does it take courage to follow Jesus today?


Jesus, grant me the wisdom to recognize and accept your healing love. Grant me the faith and courage to walk alongside you.

Copyright 2014 Kirk Whitney