There is mystery, romance, and faith as a young woman finds out God's plan the hard way. Forgiven tells the daytime nightmare of Katie, the main character, who is down-to-earth and easy to love. Her character immediately hooks the reader by being so relatable. Anxiety attacks haunt her, but she has found ways to deal with them. She finds a charming young man who encourages and helps her to deal with her attacks. When she falls in love, he becomes very controlling and something just isn't right. When the truth is revealed about his past, his true colors begin to show. She looks for happiness in all the wrong places before finding the path to joy.

I had had a feeling in the beginning of the novel about a relationship that would further develop as the story continued. Aspects of annulment, lust, and forgiveness are brought up during the course of the story. Dr. Maureen Sutlive Taylor develops the characters in a realistic way making them imperfect just like the rest of us. Her plot is gripping and I had a hard time putting her book down. I couldn't wait to find out the next part in the thriller. The whole time I found myself rooting for Katie and hoping she would find a happier life. I saw a little of myself in her, which made the novel even more life-like.

The romance brings this thriller to life, but the brilliant and smooth writing makes it enticing. Dr. Maureen Sutlive Taylor's Forgiven will keep the reader engaged and hanging on edge until the end. How far would you go to be forgiven?

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