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Looking for a spiritual read which is so interesting that you can hardly put it down but has the potential to change your life as well? Trusting  God with St. Therese by  Connie Rossini more than satisfies both these prerequisites.

Connie delves not only into the biography of the Little Flower but also grapples with the ramifications of these facts as they affected her spiritually and psychologically. Connie then applies these in-depth reflections on the saint to her  struggle to trust God, using the same magnifying glass on her own life. The result is a unique book which  captures the reader’s curiosity, holds our interest and at the same time touches our heart and inner spirit, triggering a yearning for our own inner healing and spiritual growth.

Because Connie humbly reveals both her own and St. Therese’s weaknesses and struggles, she connects personally with the reader, helping us understand that sanctity is possible for everyone.  To make it easier to apply her insights to the reader’s daily life, Connie offers Questions for Reflection and Practical Suggestionsat the end of each chapter.

This  delightful book reveals secrets of the spiritual life which can transform the reader if they say yes to trusting in God along with Connie and St. Therese.

Connie has also written a free e-book called  Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your aid you in your spiritual life.

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I truly believe that the lessons in my e-book will bring you closer to Jesus. They are not secrets. They are the tried and true steps to holiness that countless saints have followed. If you are new to the Catholic spiritual life, this e-book will give you a road map for the future. If you are advanced, it will remind you of the basics. If you, like me, are somewhere in between, it will challenge and motivate you. (I am currently being changed by Lesson 5). You can come back to it again and again over the years. And it’s all taken from some of the most admired saints in the history of the Church.

If you prefer you can read Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints on your Kindle or Nook for free. I  have multiple versions free at Smashwords as well, including a PDF download.

Connie writes a spirituality column for The Prairie Catholic of the Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota. She is also a columnist for Her posts have appeared on Catholic Lane and elsewhere. She administers the Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network and owns the Google+ Community for Indie Catholic Authors. Her blog is Contemplative Homeschool.

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