WCTH_Second ChancesWhen Calls the Heart:  Second Chances is the third DVD in the series from the Hallmark Channel. Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton come out in the open about wanting to be there for each other more and to get over the issues they have encountered in the past. Jack even asks Elizabeth out on a date.

One student is almost of age to work in the mine and his father plans on taking him out of school as soon as he is able. His father and past teachers feel that he is incapable of reading and will never go very far in education. Miss Thatcher has a different sense about his abilities and researches dyslexia. She finds tools and techniques that may help him learn how to read.

After Abigail lost her husband and son in the mine explosion, she decides she has to find another purpose. She opens a new cafe in the old Coal Valley cafe building and gets a line around the town for her baked goods. The only problem is that she has to give up her company house that she had worked so hard in the mine to keep. Giving up the memories of the house is hard, but she still has the love of her husband and son in her heart. God calls her to share her wonderful gift of cooking with others who are still able to enjoy it. It gives her hope that there is a bigger player then life itself and more of a reason to continue living without her loved ones around.

Coal Valley's story continues to evolve and change just as our lives do. Faith and God are intertwined in this next installment. The whole family can enjoy this film. Where is God calling you to share your own gifts?

Copyright 2014  Tanya Weitzel