So this month I was scavenging for ideas for my column. Had. No. Clue. Then I realized that this month is Halloween, which means All Saints Day is right behind it! What better time to incorporate learning about the Saints?


With that in mind, I want to share two apps about saints for Catholic children for the iPhone/iPad that I found. And they do both work on my iPhone 4S running iOS 6.0. So no worries for those with older gear; you can continue to be content with what you have :).

Little App of Saints

little app of saints screenshot

The first app is Little App of Saints. This handy little app is $0.99 and is published by Pauline Books & Media, a publisher of awesome kids' books.

This app is more of a game app. If your kids love puzzles, they will love this app.

It's pretty simple. Little App of Saints contains 12 pictures of saints. When you click on one, you can select easy (6 pcs.), medium (12 pcs) or hard (20 pcs). You are given time to look at the image, then are given one piece at a time to assemble the puzzle.

When it's successfully completed, you can choose a gift. The first is an audio message from the saint, the second is a song, and the last is a text passage about the saint. There is also a More Little App of Saints with more saints.

Saint of the Day for Kids

saint of the day for kids

The other app I found is more educational than game. It's called Saint of the Day for Kids. The opening screen shows an image of the coloring page for today's saint, as well as tomorrow's and yesterday's.

Below all of that, kind of crammed at the bottom is a short prayer to that saint. When you click on the saint, there is a short passage on the saint, an image to print and color, and the country and feast day.

You can also tap the star to add the saint to your favorites list. When you tap the image, you can email yourself the text and image as an attachment, print it (if your phone is set up to do so), or share it on Facebook.

You can also use the Random feature at the bottom to pick four random saints to learn about. It also has a calendar screen and an alphabetical list in addition to favorites.

The Saint of the Day for Kids app is $1.99 and also available for Android devices.

This app would be great during a meal when the family is together. Because we homeschool, we use it during circle time. Bedtime would be another great time and the coloring sheets would be a nice quiet activity during the family rosary. You do those, too, right? Cough. Ahem. Yep, us too. Uh huh.

Anyway. Those are two (and a half) Catholic Apps for Kids that would coincide nicely with All Saints Day. Sarah shared about Saint of the Day for Kids about a year and a half ago, so if you'd like to see larger iPad screenshots, check out her post here.

Do you like to learn about the saints? What's your favorite app or website for sharing the saints with your kids?

Copyright 2014, Jen Steed