Today's Gospel: Luke 12:54-59

We are on our way to the Magistrate. We must give God His due now while we are on the way. What do we owe God? Our love, our devotion, our praise, our respect. We show God our love when we love others. We are devoted to Him when we are faithful to Him in prayer. His praise should always be on our lips as we go through each day with Him. In all humility we respect Him when we remember who He is and who we are and choose to do His will over our own.

What if we love, honor and obey God, but not perfectly? Well, if we reach the Judge before we are perfected, we will have to be purified. As Jesus put it, “the officer will put you in prison. And I tell you, you will not get out till you have paid the very last copper.”  If selfishness and self-love prevent us from giving God all that we owe Him, then we will have to spend time in purgatory.

I am grateful for purgatory, but my goal is Heaven. So as I observe the signs of my time – gray hair coming in and bones cracking as I get up off the floor – I know that my journey is getting closer to an end. So I am off to love, praise and honor my God hopefully better today than yesterday.


How can I, through God’s good grace, perfect my love for Him today?


Thank you, my Heavenly Magistrate, for purgatory. I am grateful for the hope it gives me that my love for you can be perfect. But, Lord, since it is your will that I be holy as you are holy, help me to take advantage of every opportunity you will offer me today to perfect my love. Jesus, make me a saint. Amen.

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