Today's Gospel: Luke 13:31-35

Jesus knew his purpose. He knew what was going to happen, but it didn’t matter. He had to do what he had to do and it didn’t matter if the authorities were happy with him or not. Jesus was basically saying, “Thanks for your warning, but I must continue my mission. It’s too bad Herod and his gang do not see the good that I do!”

In marriage, or any relationship really, arguments happen. One is right and the other......well, are they wrong or do they just have a different opinion? How the argument ends is what matters; it isn’t always about the argument itself. If the two parties fight just to fight, cramming their opinion down the other person’s throat, there are eventually no winners, only two very hurt and exhausted individuals. BUT if one realizes that the argument will not be won and that peace is preferred to angst, winning all of a sudden loses its charm.

After 21 years of marriage, I can say that sometimes it’s better to be happy than right and that’s OK!  A few years ago, I began to notice that my husband would raise the white flag out of the blue, leaving me feeling like a heel. He would apologize to me (whether I was right or not) and peace would return.

Funny thing, within a day or two I would come to see what he was saying and agree with him. But all this took years of learning how to compromise with the other; being right no longer was as important as the peace in our home and our hearts. Couples that do not learn this eventually become too wounded to be a whole. When damage is too intense the family can fall apart.

Jerusalem will fight and kill and stone rather than be peaceful. Jerusalem was unwilling to compromise, but only in the end will she see her downfall and see the truth.


Am I willing to let go of being right, so that my heart can be right with God?


Jesus, grant me the grace of a humble, open heart, ready to sacrifice my opinions in order to love others.

Copyright 2014 Ebeth Weidner