Rosary01 Art/Photography: believe, Juni, PD/CC/SA,

After a few days of cold, wind, rain, (and snow!) and gray, it’s easy to dream about being anywhere but where we ought to be doing anything else than what we’re called to do. These dreary late-fall days might call for a spirited recollection of all things rad that are unique to our vocation. I’ve listed a dozen below and feel free to share what you most love about being a Catholic mom because sometimes it’s hard to remember when it’s crumby outside.

-Getting to out for ice cream on every child’s patron saint’s feast day

-Keeping holy water in the kitchen pantry...just in case

-The woodsy, long-lasting smell of chrism on a fuzzy baby head

-Unlimited access to the very best mom in the universe

-Having a host of heavenly girlfriends who both totally “get it” and can pray for you

-Becoming skilled at giving tonsures on All Saints Day

-Easily dressing the children in the morning in their uniforms

-Using Friday as an excuse not to cook

-Owning a dozen rosaries in different colors depending on what mood you’re in

-Confessing and receiving absolution in the confessional

-Having priest and nun friends who pray and offer Mass for you...because they know you and know you need it!

-The Eucharist, always, and especially when our vocation feels anything but rad

Okay, there’s my quick dozen.

How about you? What do you most love about being a Catholic mom?

Copyright 2014 Meg Matenaer