Today's Gospel: Luke 14:12-14

Jesus was dining at the home of a prominent man and as usual, he used the opportunity to teach a needed lesson. Jesus tells us, that when we give a dinner party, we ought not to invite our friends, family, or neighbors. We ought to invite the poor, the maimed, the outcasts.

At face value, this is a very confusing Gospel passage. What is Jesus saying?

Maybe he is saying that when we only surround ourselves with people who will reward us and tell us how wonderful we are, what good is that? The glory is all ours and not God’s. We are to treat everyone with the same love regardless of how difficult that may be and whether or not they return our love. Our goal is God’s glory and the only reward we seek is Heaven.


In your relationships, do you only seek out the people who will validate you and not challenge you to grow in charity? Or do you also strive to be charitable to those who would challenge your patience and who lack gratitude?


Lord, I am weak and do not willingly dine with those who will not return my love. Help me Lord. Give me the grace to be charitable so that I may seek only Your glory and not my own.

Copyright 2014 Terry McDermott