I've been having some minor health issues recently and rather than fall into stinking thinking, I've decided that gratitude is the way to go. I have tried different journals and notebooks over the years but I'm never consistent.

You know what I always have on me now though--my iPhone! An app was exactly what I needed. I found several apps but downloaded the free version of Gratitude 365. It fit the ticket perfectly.

Visual Blessings

For those visual types, you can take a photo a day of your blessings. The images can be seen in all three views.

graditude365 app review

Text Blessings

You can also write blessings and it automatically puts them in bullet points. You can view these in list view and daily view.

Other Features

I like this app because its crazy simple, which makes it easy to use & remember. I also LOVE the calendar view. It's like the Project 365 photo thing, but better.

If you are socially inclined, you can set it up to share on Twitter, Facebook & Flickr. There is even an option to back up the data in your app.

The free version of Gratitude 365 allows you to list any 7 days of blessings. To purchase the app for iOS, its $2.99.

Do you keep a gratitude journal or gift list? Do you prefer digital or print?

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