Today's Gospel: Luke 21: 1-4

I love little, old ladies, especially the ones at my church. The silver-haired women are often the ones I see lighting the candles or dropping money in the poor box after Mass. And Sunday Mass is not the only time I see them. They are at weekday Masses and Wednesday night rosary, too. They clean the church, make crafts to sell at our Christmas bazaar and bring their grandchildren to religious education classes. I really respect these women.

So when I read this Gospel story, I conjure up an image of all these holy women rolled up into one sweet little old widow, poorly dressed, yet with a peaceful demeanor. I see her shuffling up to one of the dozen receptacles placed within the Temple for donations. With one act she gains the admiration and respect of Jesus.

She merely places two small copper coins inside, but Jesus knows those coins were all she had. He realizes that she has complete trust in His Father to provide all she needs. Jesus could not be more pleased with her.

What does she teach me? To trust God. He will provide my family with all we need. I do not have to place all our income in the collection basket. I do, however, need to give God His due. 10% is what the Bible tells us to give. Sometimes even 10% can seem a little much with all the bills and extras expenses that always pop up. Yet, I must trust that God will provide. To date, He always has.

The poor widow also teaches me to give my all. Whatever I do, be it changing a diaper, making dinner, or praying, I give it all to Jesus with my very best effort and all the love I can conjure up. When I do this, God can sanctify my gifts. It is an amazing encounter to experience how God can take something so small and turn it into something so great.


How can I give God my all today? What little thing can I do with great love and trust? Is there an elderly person in my life/neighborhood that could use my help?


Heavenly Father, You are all loving and totally trustworthy. Thank you for always providing us with all we need. Continue to look after the poor and the widowed. Show us how we can help. May our every effort reflect our love and trust in You. Take our small gifts and use them for Your great glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Copyright 2014 Kelly Guest