pilgrim journalFr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism Pilgrimage Journal from Word on Fire represents a new approach to formation that is truly intergenerational. Based on the original, epic CATHOLICISM series, the Pilgrimage Journal offers families, parishes and schools a way to encounter Christ and his Church that will bring older and younger audiences together.

The Pilgrimage Journal is built around the award-winning CATHOLICISM DVD series, which aired on more than 200 PBS stations and on EWTN over the last few years. The study guide has been adapted for younger audiences and is in the form of a journal, so parents and their teen and pre-teen children can go on a pilgrimage together with Fr. Barron. This approach encourages cross-generational conversation, faith-sharing, and learning that will bring parents, teens and pre-teens closer to one another as they draw closer to Christ. Viewing and discussing the CATHOLICISM series will deepen the faith of viewers of all ages as they encounter the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Church as it has been expressed over time and is lived out all over the world.

The Pilgrimage Journal can be used by:

--Parents with teens or pre-teens at home

--Teachers or Catechists who want to enrich their regular religious education program with visually engaging material

--Parish Facilitators leading parents and their children through the program

The Pilgrimage Journal contains 20 lessons – two lessons for each of the ten CATHOLICISM DVD episodes. Each lesson can be completed in about an hour with 20-25 minutes of DVD viewing and 30-40 minutes of discussion.

An adult leader—a parent, grandparent, or parish minister—should review the material in the Pilgrimage Journal Adult Leader’s Guide before taking a younger Catholic through each part of the Pilgrimage Journal. This Adult Guide contains the necessary background to adequately prepare any faithful lay adult to teach and engage a younger audience. It also contains the same questions (with answers in color) that are in the student’s own Pilgrimage Journal. Postcards, travel posters, maps, recipes from countries Fr. Barron visited while filming and Certificates of Completion are also available to enliven your pilgrimage.

For more information, please go to: Word on Fire.