Today's Gospel: Mark 13: 33-37

Oh gosh! These are the most stirring readings of the year in my opinion. “Be watchful! Be alert!” At all times we must be mindful of the coming of our time, our own personal fullness of time here in our mortal lives. Yes, everyone should have a will, everyone should have medical directives and be prepared for those things that will eventually happen, sickness and death, but what about after that? It seems that we all prepare for the mortal things of life, education, careers, marriage, children, sickness, and death, but what about what comes next? Christ is telling us to be prepared and willing to be taken at any time because when the Lord of our house comes is not our choice.

Being alert doesn’t mean being afraid and looking bug-eyed at every waking hour, but there are things that we should do as a daily regimen. Some are very easy and then others take a bit more effort. Going to confession on a regular basis is a start. I once had a priest tell me to put confession on the calendar for once a month....what a great idea. The season of Lent shouldn’t be the only time we take a closer look at ourselves and how we treat each other or how we conduct ourselves as examples to those we don’t even know are watching. We are never alone when we sin; sin affects others without a doubt. As a mom to two amazing teenaged daughters, I lose my cool, go off, and make them crazy. I know I need to be more patient, and I know I need to acknowledge their growing maturity by letting them have more room to make choices. It’s hard, but it is the present challenge for me to work diligently on.

I am convinced that in this passage, Jesus is telling us to not only keep our eyes open, but keep our hearts open as well to the time that we will be called home and made responsible for our actions here during our mortal lives. To live our lives as if our own fullness of time is tomorrow and as if we have only a short time to love others crossing our path. Being prepared for our time means being focused on our eternity rather than that career, or paycheck, or new house, or promotion, or what have you. Jesus is calling us to be prepared to face Him and to be accountable.


How can I open my heart to be ready for Jesus?


Dear Jesus, help me to keep watch for you in my plans, in my daily life, in how I am to others, and in how I love as you love me! Amen

Copyright 2014 Ebeth Weidner