Anyone who has a smartphone or smart-device of some kind has apps that they use on a nearly daily basis.  Here is a listing of 6 apps which I use either daily or enough that I thought it was important enough to include.

Laudate Laudate: This is one of the best free Catholic apps out there.  While many of its features do require internet connectivity, there are a huge selection of prayers and readings which are not.  I have the Angelus bookmarked in this app so I can pray it at noon (or around there) every day.


iBreviary: Another great free Catholic app.  iBreviary is a way to pray through the Liturgy of the Hours, the daily prayer of the Church.  It may have an occasional spelling error and can still be a bit confusing but, once you get the hang of things the Lauds prayers are a great way to start the morning.

K9Mail K9 Mail: This has been the go-to email application for me since I switched to Android.  I have tried others and always keep coming back to this one.  The basic version, which I use, is free.  I will note that it isn't any particular feature that makes this app stand out for me, it is just a personal preference based upon my experience with other email apps out there.  Your mileage may vary.

OvuVIew OvuView:  This is a great Android-only app for NFP symptom tracking and fertility awareness.  I use it every day to track Tanya's temperature and other relevant information.  In fact, I love it so much that I gave the app its own dedicated review!


PocketCasts: I am a BIG podcast listener and the money I spent on this app was worth every fraction of a penny I paid.  In fact, when I moved from iOS to Android I re-purchased it for Android.  This app has account sync across devices, audio speed control, and a ton of other great features.  Their customer support is also top-notch!  I cannot emphasize enough how great this app is!

PlantsVsZombies Plants vs. Zombies:  When I had first heard about this game, I didn't understand the hype over it.  That changed once I started playing it.  This is an addictive little tower-defense game involving plants and zombies.  I actually got the full version of this app through Amazon on a sale day so, I am unsure what the free version is really like.  What I am sure of is that if you have 5-7 minutes free, you can use that time to play through a level and then put it down, which makes this app convenient for those with limited time.

These apps are the apps I tend to use on a daily basis.  Yes, there are other apps on my Android device which I use from time to time, but, these are the ones which I cannot help opening at least once, if not multiple times a day, with the only exception being the game.  The majority of these apps are either free or have free versions so, anyone can check them out before committing to anything.

Which apps help to sanctify and entertain you on a daily basis?

Featured Image Credit: Nexus 7 App Icon Drawer by Ash Kyd

App icons are from the Google Play store for the specific apps in question.

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