12 Days of Christmas - Catholic MomHaving finally gotten the hang of making Advent a time of waiting, I have become obsessed with the 12 Days of Christmas.  On one hand, there are a world of traditions to pull from.  On the other hand, people who still try to observe the 12 days of Christmas, are well, spread all over the world.   In a country where the Christmas stuff is 70 percent off on 12/26 and the Valentine's Day stuff is out the next week, it's hard to find a balance between real life and old time living.   Obviously, I'm still working out how I can make it work in our family.

Because I still don't have our own traditions down, I decided to pull a list of the best posts on the 12 days of Christmas here at CatholicMom.com in case you are looking for a little inspiration for celebrating the Christmas season at your home in the coming weeks.

Best of The 12 Days of Christmas at CatholicMom.com

12 Days of Christmas Around the Web

  • Live the Twelve Days.   Downloadable ornament kit, ebook and recording of the 12 days of Christmas as rewritten for their original intended meanings.
  • 12 Days of Christmas Faith Folder.   An authentically catholic lapbook(TM) of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Available for immediate download.
  • Read, Reflect, Respond & Pray.   A long, but valuable post at Family at the Foot of the Cross sharing not only the meanings of the 12 days, but practical application for every single day, including an activity appropriate for small children.

I hope this handful of resources will help you to keep celebrating the birth of Christ for the whole Christmas season.   In our home, celebrating the liturgical year usually revolves around food and books, because we have to eat anyway and we are book nuts.

What kind of activity would help YOU celebrate the Christmas Season/liturgical year in your home?

Enjoy & have a Blessed Christmas!

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