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The Christmas Season seems to be a time of small miracles. It seemed so, when I found a special gift for my grown daughter from her Nana Ana. My grown childrens’ grandmother had passed away the year before from a lengthy illness. Christmas was always a very special time for her and she always made sure that my children had heart felt gifts. There were always great family memories of Nana and Pops during this season, but with her passing last year, it had seemed much was missing.

It was one day when I was clearing out a small box to use for receipts for a Christmas fair this year, when I found the gold cross necklace. This gold necklace was so perfect and I was perplexed upon where it had came from. It was then that I also found in the box a small plastic box with an image of Rome and the word “Vatican”.   I then realized with joy that this was the gold cross necklace that Nana Ana had purchased for my daughter as a Baptism gift. As she was too little to wear it, I had carefully stored it in the small lavender box for years and had forgotten it was there.

The timing of finding this simple gold cross necklace after so many years to me is a small miracle. I knew that Nana Ana would have wanted my daughter to have a gift at Christmas. The necklace looked so new and perfect and it was a symbol of the love she always had for my daughter. I reflected on how even though our loved ones are past, that they still want the best for us and want wonderful future memories for us. This would be the Christmas gift from Nana, that I would give to my daughter. This was the small Christmas miracle for her that maybe she was seeking.

May we all have the experience of those “small miracles’ extended from loved ones past. As we reflect on this holy season, let us remember the first Christmas miracle, the first gift given, in the form of one beautiful baby named Jesus who redeems us all. Merry Christmas.

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