Today's Gospel: John 1:35-42 

In this seemingly simple gospel selection today, we learn how it came to be that two brothers, Andrew and Simon Peter, came to follow Jesus. If we look closely, we notice something. It was Andrew who realized He had found the Messiah and, realizing the importance of such a find, he went first to his own brother and “brought him to Christ.”

Our entire mission as Christians can be summed up in these verses. We must be Christ-followers ourselves before we can tell others about Him. Just like a mother is supposed to put an air mask on herself first during an airplane crash before she puts an air mask on her child, we must follow Christ first before we can be good evangelizers for Christ. We cannot give what we haven’t got. If you are not sincere in your walk with Jesus or have grown complacent in it, it will be evident to those you try to evangelize. Practice what you preach.


What are you doing to grow in your faith? Are there ways you can improve or expand your time with Jesus?


Jesus Christ, I love you and want to make you the most important thing in my life. Please help me to never grow lukewarm but to be always fervent in my love for you.

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