Today's Gospel: Mark 3:7-12

Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

Surely we can all relate to the way Jesus felt that afternoon, wanting to withdraw to a quiet place with his close friends. But Jesus knew of a higher good than escaping that day and instead ministered to the people who came to Him. Whether we know it or not, we all seek closeness with Christ and desire to experience His healing touch.

Today is the March for Life in Washington, DC. The pro-life mission is one that is very dear to my heart; the summer following my freshman year of college, I spent three months walking coast to coast with Crossroads Prolife, in order to promote the dignity of all human life. I distinctly remember the feeling of people “pressing in” to talk to me, especially after I had spoken at Mass during the weekend. During those times, I wanted nothing more than to escape and withdraw with my friends. But the Lord called me out of my comfort zone and asked me to do something for Him—to share with others the beauty of the message of life.

As our lives get busier following the Christmas season, as children return to school and our responsibilities seem to take over, may we remember that the Lord calls us to Himself through our work. May we learn from His example to be self-sacrificial in our self-gift to others.


This week, what is one way that I can give of myself to others, in a way which I haven’t before?


Jesus, you know how I feel when my heart seeks rest in you, but I feel boxed in by responsibility. Yet you also know how to serve others despite the difficulties. This day, give me the strength to accomplish all my tasks with great love for those I am serving.

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