cover-40days40waysLent is a season of penance, but that penance shouldn't stunt your spiritual growth. On the contrary, this penitential time should help you grow in faith and in virtue. contributor Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio's new book, 40 Days, 40 Ways: A New Look at Lent offers daily opportunities for growth in ways you might not expect.

For each day of Lent, D'Ambrosio offers an idea for a penitential or devotional practice, followed by his own reflection on this idea. Sometimes these are stories from his childhood; other reflections are explanations of what makes practices such as Eucharistic adoration or praying the Rosary so important in the lives of Catholics. D'Ambrosio's reflections are short (2 or 3 pages per chapter) and engaging, inviting the reader to meditate upon the Gospel or other passages from Scripture while taking up a new practice or deepening a familiar one.

The Sundays of Lent are featured in the book as well, but without the penitential focus of Lent's weekdays. For each Lenten Sunday, D'Ambrosio offers a meditation on Gospel events and their challenges for us in the 21st century.

While you can read this book start-to-finish or a day at a time, it can also be used as a spiritual shot in the arm when you're feeling discouraged about how your Lent is going.

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