Today's Gospel: Mark 7:14-23

Optional Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes

Jesus looks into our hearts and is concerned about what comes out of them. He wants to possess them, so that only good will emanate from them.

Just what is the “heart” in Catholic tradition and belief? It is the seat of the conscience, the center of our God-given human will, which chooses to either receive or reject God. Jesus spoke of the hardness of heart of the Pharisees because in their rejection of Him, they had filled their hearts with heavy burdens, and closed them off to Love. In today’s gospel Jesus wants to remind us He needs an invitation into this heart, this center of all spiritual activity, so that the process of salvation can begin.

Jesus centers His look of love squarely into the human heart and its desires for fulfillment. If our hearts are burdened and hardened, that ugly list in today’s gospel will naturally come out of us. God is Love and Mercy Itself, and when He is possessing and ruling our hearts, only good, pure and holy gifts will find their way into every thought, word, and deed. Our desires for fulfillment are satisfied only in Him.


Just what is coming out of my heart lately? Will I let Jesus pierce this heart of mine with His loving gaze, so that only good can flow from it?


Lord Jesus, come and pierce my heart. Look at me with Love. On this feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, may I imitate more and more her pure and Immaculate Heart and rely on her intercession to guide me. Then, nothing can defile me! Amen.

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