If you're looking for a healthy broccoli soup recipe, this one is the best and I love how quick it is to whip up. It's such a basic, simple cream of broccoli soup, but it's made with Parmesan so it's extra dreamy. (It's also a good way to eat up some of your nourishing turkey broth if you're a little sick of traditional turkey leftovers by now!)

I have another post with a twist on this one that you may want to check out:  low carb broccoli cheese soup.  That one was a guest post from my sister, and it has been one of my most popular posts, believe it or not, and you can see how well-loved it is by all the comments.  :)  By the way, notice the new picture at that link, and speaking of pictures, check out the one above that I took MYSELF, for real guys!

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