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I have been married to a Catholic for about 14 years. Did you notice that I didn’t say “practicing”. Though he isn’t, he has been wonderful in letting me live my faith, grow in my faith, and bring up our son in the faith. My husband attended both my son’s baptism and First Communion. He prays with us at meals, makes the sign of the cross as we pass a church, and will read the bible with us too from time to time. Even though these are all good things I still pray everyday to Our Lord, Mother Mary, and St. Monica for his conversion of heart.

It would be wonderful to attend mass as a family on Sundays and Holy days of Obligation instead of it only being my son and I. Recently, as I was walking through a craft store I saw a very cute chalkboard that said “Home Sweet Home”. You are probably thinking, what does a chalkboard have to do with conversion? When I saw it I thought, "This is perfect for the mantle and it is even on sale. It's meant to be!"

What made it so perfect was that I had pondered for months how to have scripture displayed in the house as a reminder to our family of how we should live everyday and how God is a part of our lives. I also thought it would be good for me and my son to become more familiar and comfortable with scripture, something I am not. The bigger plus was that if I wrote scripture on the chalkboard and placed it on our mantle,  my husband would see it too!

The mantle is in our den which is our gathering zone. If  my husband sees it, reads it, and maybe ponders on the Lord's word,  he may be drawn closer to the Lord!

This little chalkboard could be one of the many ways our Lord is helping me lead my husband and us as a family closer to him. Do you know someone in your family who you would like to see closer to our Lord?

How are you trying to lead them there?

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photo credit: 2012: Feb 17 via photopin (license)