Today's Gospel: Mark 1:12-15

In my classes at school, I am constantly warned against “cafeteria Catholicism.” In a nutshell, “cafeteria Catholics” pick and choose what to believe or not believe. It’s easy for me, as a theology major, to brush that aside as only relevant to others, but I truly think all can benefit from a reminder about it. Whether that belief which we question is the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the forgiveness of our sins in confession, the Love of God, or a social teaching like abortion, most of us have at least one main struggle within our faith.

But we don’t have time to sit and be content with our doubts. The Kingdom is at hand. It is precisely these struggles we have which we should most readily dive into. In doing so, we will discover where our weaknesses are, and will need to find support with others.

And here, we learn from Christ, as He allowed the angels to minister to Him. Likewise, we have our own guardian angels whose task is to assist us in sanctity and to give us whisperings of Truth. Invite your guardian angel to be a bigger part of your life, to support you in your eternal journey.


What is a Church teaching that I may inadvertently choose not to believe or learn more about? Today, may I allow myself to repent.


Lord, may I never choose to ignore any aspect of the faith You have given me. Give me the strength to believe even the hardest teachings.

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Copyright 2015 Allison DeWolf