It is happening, whether we realize it or not, right here in our country. In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom is a film that follows the stories of six female abolitionists fighting against sex trafficking in the United States. The victims are often stuck in a cycle and have a hard time getting out. Their stories are sad and have similar patterns as they are forced to live a difficult life.

In Plain Sight is a film about the underground truth relating to sex trafficking. It shows the hardships that victims experience. Hope can be found from sex trafficking in aftercare homes. The aftercare programs help the victims recover and get back on their feet. The victims are slowly introduced back into society.

It is a deep and emotional film. The victims are interviewed as to how their lives have been changed through these homes. The documentary is meant to raise awareness and motivate people to take action in their own community in ending this outrageous crime. This video campaign was well-produced and kept the privacy of individuals who chose to remain hidden.

How can you help stop the pain and suffering of sex trafficking victims in your community?

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