I have fun news to share today! A sneak peek at the newly finished book covers for my next project: Chime Travelers. Both books will be released simultaneously on July 21, just in time for summer reading. This next writing adventure is truly that, an adventure!

Chime Travelers, being released in conjunction with Franciscan Media, is a children's chapter book series that combines time travel and the lives of the saints. I've fallen in love with my two main characters, twin siblings Patrick and Katie Brady. Without giving too much away, I can share that the books are intended to be both entertaining and educational, without getting too preachy. They are the types of stories I hope you'll want to read alongside your kiddos.

We have a new Facebook page to begin getting excited for launch:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.21.59 PM

and the first two books' covers have been finalized:

Book One: The Secret of the Shamrock Book One: The Secret of the Shamrock

Book 2: The Sign of the Carved Cross Book Two: The Sign of the Carved Cross

Please keep this project in your prayers and visit www.ChimeTravelerKids.com for the latest news and information about the series!

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