I don’t remember entering a store with my one of my children without hearing, “Mom I need this or I need that.” Of course what they meant was, “Mom I want that shiny, perfectly packaged, marketed just for me whatchamacallit... oh and I want it now!"  IF my answer was yes, well then I got lots of ‘thanks’ from said child, until we were finished at the checkout or the toy/candy/whatchamacallit entered the house; from those moments on the attitude of gratitude usually quickly faded. Where it remained until they saw the next something - usually bigger or better - that they absolutely NEEDED! I recognize the behavior because quite honestly I was exactly the same way at their age, and can – I will admit – still be like as I stroll the store today!

I’m not exactly sure what goes amiss in our upbringing that triggers even the best reared kids to confuse wants and needs, or to completely miss the importance to give thanks for what we are given in life. Though, I have to admit, at least in the Gingras home, this is a struggle. So, when presented with the opportunity to test the Wants and Needs App, I swiftly jumped at the chance.  As I scrolled through their website, it became apparent to me, what a fantastic tool this App would be for helping me put God at the center of balancing both the material and spiritual this Lent .

The Wants and Needs App  is described as:

Life in Perspective –

  • Track your Wants

  • Prioritize your Needs

  • Discover the Blessings in your life

While I did not initially find the App as intuitive for the user as I would have liked (Please note: I AM new to iOs and  well aware this issue could and probably most likely is, just this particular end-user's iOs newbie-ness at play); once I figured it how to create my lists, I thoroughly enjoyed the App!!

So how does it work?

Just add your WANTS:

App Screenshot courtesy of Pixolini, Inc. iPhone 6 Screenshot courtesy Pixolini, Inc.


**For me, LOTS of prayer and discernment were required to determine placement of my items (image below includes one from each list that I 'starred'  - see how you could have put each in any one of the categories!).  In addition, I am sure they might flip back and forth depending on life’s circumstances.  For instance, my desire for a new dishwasher at present is a want, should it no longer wish to wash my dishes – aka take sides with my teenage sons – then it will QUICKLY become a NEED!:


iPad Air Screenshot iPad Air Screenshot

And THANKS, sure they listed this as a WANTS but if i could go here it would quickly move to my Thanks!:

App Screenshot courtesy of Pixolini, Inc. App Screenshot courtesy of Pixolini, Inc.


The App then can provide you analytics to see if you are keeping things in balance  and keeping your priorities properly aligned.


App Screenshot courtesy of Pixolini, Inc. App Screenshot courtesy of Pixolini, Inc.


Want to see more...

[youtube_sc url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAB-M4vYumw"]

 Final Thoughts:  Innovative, fun - The Wants and Needs App - is a great reflection tool in today’s, easy to fall into, materialistic world!

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