I decided to take a different approach for my Tech Talk column this month. Instead of sharing a resource, I'm looking for one!

Didache BibleI would love a CATHOLIC Bible Tracker App. I got the new Didache Bible and I'm loving it so much that I find myself reading a lot. But I've been skipping around a lot. I decided to start with the books that are not in the Protestant bible. I also try to read the daily readings of the Mass. There are apps to track your bible reading for the Protestants and even the Mormons.

But I haven't found one for the Catholic books. Some track by chapters and others go by individual verse!  I would love to be able to set a reading goal, like the whole New Testament this year or the book of Proverbs by next month. And if there was a plan to read what is NOT in the daily & Sunday readings, well, the dork in me would totally be all over that!

Has anyone seen one for the iPhone that I missed? Would you be interested in such an app or is it just me?

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