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Miracle Man by Judy Landrieu Klein  is an enthralling, well-written, dramatic read with flawed, lovable characters who will wriggle their way into your heart. However, this book is much more than a good read;  it offers insightful nuggets of wisdom about life, death, marriage and parenting, seamlessly nestled  in the narrative tale.

Whether you are a seeker, an agnostic or a cradle Catholic,  Judy’s  down-to-earth language will pierce through your defenses, triggering your own deepest longing for His touch.

Miracle Man is a starkly honest revelation of  Judy’s struggle with God to live out a “messy salvation” in the mess of modern life.  Although a theologian,  she does not preach but reveals her  holy moments with humility because her spiritual insights emerged as she struggled with weakness and sinfulness.

Judy is a woman of grace who does not merely share the sublime but the ridiculous as well with  perfect comic timing. Since her theology of suffering and her openness to the divine is lived without any ‘ holier than thou’ pretensions, Judy connects with those who are searching and unchurched. Although she does not resort to church lingo,  she offers enough depth and wisdom to  nourish the mature Christian, filling readers of all persuasions with hope and joy.

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