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Happy Easter! Most of us who know the true meaning behind the candy bunnies and colored eggs understand that Easter wasn’t over April 6. In fact, the Easter season is just beginning. Which is such a blessing to me because I feel like Easter crept up on me this year. In fact, I told MyFriendStacy that I didn’t even feel like it was Easter this year. I hadn’t fully prepared myself in a spiritual sense. And I hadn’t baked Resurrection cookies with the kids, attended the parish Reconciliation night or even finished our Lenten devotional.

I was too busy scrambling to find goodies for the baskets and make sure everyone had decent clothes to wear. Not to mention grocery shopping and planning dinner for company. I had been sick the previous week and traveling a lot over the past month so I felt completely disorganized and unprepared.

Now that things are starting to settle down a bit, I’m finally getting some time to reflect on the gifts of the Easter season. I’m feeling a sense of hope and renewal – of unconditional love. An understanding that God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that we may have eternal life. Wow! That’s a powerful message! It’s not something I want to simply skip over because I couldn’t get my act together in time.

So I’m grateful that we get to celebrate Easter for 50 days. And I am ready to make some changes in my life and my daily habits so that I don’t let the important things pass by in a blur of activity. I’m renewing my commitment to simplify. And I’m reprioritizing my life so that I can start over with purpose and awareness. It seems I go through this process every few months. And I’m thankful for God’s infinite mercy and my family’s endless grace as I embark on yet another mission to align my life with God’s will. If things in your world are moving too quickly and you want a renewal of sorts, join me this Easter season and we’ll start over together!

Copyright 2015 Theresa Ceniccola
Photo copyright 2015 Theresa Ceniccola. All rights reserved.