The last two months has been completely non-techie for me. It feels like my kiddos have had every virus, cold and childhood ailment EVER over the last 6 weeks, followed by my 2 year old teething. Given all the intense mothering I've had to do, I was ready for some quiet time alone. And since May is devoted to Mary, I went looking for a Marian app to use this month.

I found a gem.

Another lovely app by Valent Richie came to my attention. He has had many Catholic apps reviewed and mentioned here and this one is called Catholic Meditations on the Life of Mary. Available for iOS, it is based on (in part) the book "The Devout Year" by Rev. R. F. Clarke, SJ which has a Nihil Obstsat & Imprimatur (the book, not the app).


It's a very, very simple app which contains 31 meditations on the life of Mary, one for each day of May (or any month you need a dose of help from our Blessed Mother!) Each meditation includes 3 points to ponder. In addition to the meditations, the app includes devotions, indulgences in May, prayers, offerings to the BVM and more. It's intensely simple, yet packed with good information. And you can even set an alarm to remind you to do it. I need that.


As usual, Valent Richie has created an app from an older, spiritually rich text and given it a modern use. If you are looking to get to know Mary a little better this month, this inexpensive app is a great place to go. It's never too late to start a devotion to Mary!

At the time of this writing, Catholic Meditations on the Life of Mary is priced at $1.99.

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