Editor's Note: Our guest Tech Talk today features a unique new classroom tool from Sophia Institute Press. The SketchPad video series is a refreshing way to present spiritual content to students. --Barb

Sophia Institute for Teachers, a division of Sophia Institute Press, released this week the second video in its popular and groundbreaking new Sophia SketchPad series.

Courtesy of Sophia Institute Press. All rights reserved. Courtesy of Sophia Institute Press. All rights reserved.

Designed for use in Catholic classrooms and catechetical programs, Sophia SketchPad videos have been accessed nearly 80,000 times, and thousands of teachers are using the accompanying classroom materials and viewing guide.

This second video explains the biblical roots of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, as well as the importance of penance and cultivating a strong spiritual life.

Courtesy of Sophia Institute Press. All rights reserved. Courtesy of Sophia Institute Press. All rights reserved.

"Young people often question the value of Confession, and they wonder why they should see a priest instead of going to God directly," said Charlie McKinney, President of Sophia Institute. "After viewing this video, they'll know why Jesus instituted the Sacrament of Reconciliation and how it's an essential part of becoming who God is calling them to be."

Sophia Institute hopes to continue the series and release additional videos explaining the authentic teachings of the Church in an engaging yet substantive way.

"There's an incredible shortage of high quality, authentically Catholic materials designed specifically for Catholic school teachers," said Veronica Burchard, Vice President for Education Programs. "That's precisely what we're trying to address through Sophia Institute for Teachers."

Sophia Institute for Teachers was founded as part of Sophia Institute Press in 2013 to produce classroom-ready materials and host professional development programs that catechize teachers so they can help their students to know and live the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. Sophia Institute for Teachers has released two teacher's guides — one on The Seven Sacraments and another on The Beatitudes. The Institute is also hosting over 40 teacher training workshops for 3,500 teachers in nearly a dozen dioceses across the country.

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