CM Sunday Brunch 3

Welcome to the Sunday Brunch! We're serving up a buffet of articles from the past week. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in to enjoy some great reads.

Begin with a Prayer

Charisse Tierney gives three simple ideas for leading our children deeper into prayer--plus a helpful video by fellow contributor Grace Urbanski about teaching our children how to pray.

Fortitude and the Family

The family is a natural place for the gift of fortitude to take root. Meg Matenaer suggests questions a family can ask itself on how it can better receive this gift of the spirit at home.

Focus on Fatherhood

Gina Felter shares her tribute to dads and husbands with a shared perspective from child and wife.

Inspired by Hollywood

Christopher West explains why the movie Braveheart models "fathers who radiated the courage of authentic manhood, who modeled to their sons that there are causes worth dying for."

A Touch of Beauty

Kaye Hinckley asks: How do we find beauty in an world that is sometimes ugly?

Summer Reading

Stuart Dunn reviews a volume of historical fiction: a collection of three novellas, one centered on Pontius Pilate's wife.

Getting to Know You

Roxane Salonen never had a chance to meet her paternal grandmother, but she's come to know her - and the compelling nature of faith - through her Grandma Mary just the same.

Fun Times!

Jeannie Ewing considers how to plan for family fun when most of her family's activities are planned by someone else. She has found that nature offers many opportunities for mini-vacations.

For Your Marriage

In this month's Marriage Rx column, Dr. Manuel and Karee Santos make some helpful suggestions about a husband's lack of desire.

Water Works

We all know that clean drinking water is a basic necessity of life. But worldwide, over a billion people lack access to it. Lisa Hendey shares her thoughts in this video blog on the connection between the drought and our faith.

What's Cooking?

Join our Summer Picnic linkup and share your family's favorite summer side dishes or meatless main courses! Add your link or share the recipe in the comments.

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