by DuBoix, 2012, by DuBoix, 2012,

This is our time. Yours and mine.

We might have been born some years in the past, or in the future. But we were not born then.

We are here now. Today, in this particular world.

Our life is NOW.

This is Our Time to make a difference. And we will, one way or another. It may be a good difference or a bad difference, depending on whether we base our time here on Truth, or Lies.

But it counts.

We may make a difference in a very personal and singular way, with only one person. But if we give our loyalty, kindness, and love to that one person; he may give the same loyalty, kindness and love to another person, or to many people. And in turn, they may pass it on, too. A real domino effect.

And it counts!

We may not be someone who likes to work up close with others, but we work anonymously on the sidelines, taking no credit, no Facebook publicity, no bows, at all.

It counts.

We may be people who pray for others, those we know and those we don't.

It counts.

We may raise our children to love God, to love themselves as creations of God, and to treat others with respect. We may be faithful to our spouse.

It counts.


We may not give, but only take. We may not work for anyone except ourselves. We may allow our children to lie and bully others. We may cheat on our spouse. We may never give the problems of anyone else a passing thought.

All that counts, too, but in the opposite way.

Let's make a difference in our time, in our world, that will not hinder, but benefit ourselves and others. So that when we leave our time in this world, we'll have left it better, not worse.

Copyright 2015 Kaye Park Hinckley
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